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Patriots Super Bowl parade draws record crowd of 1.5 million people

The fans don’t get tired of the Patriots.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots Championship Parade Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

In the week leading up to Super Bowl 53, the Boston Globe ran an article titled Spoiled Patrisots: In success-soaked Boston, has all the winning dimmed the excitement? that basically wondered whether or not all the success the New England Patriots have had over the last 17 years has negatively impacted the town’s feeling towards another potential championship run. One week later, things look quite differently.

Not only were there thousands of Patriots fans in Atlanta to make the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams feel and sound like a home game, they also came out in hordes to celebrate the eventual world champions during yesterday’s Super Bowl parade. Combined with the picture perfect weather, the duck boat tour through Boston drew approximately 1.5 million people according to city officials — a record crowd even by New England’s lofty standards.

One thing to keep in mind: the parade, the sixth Super Bowl celebration taking place in the city, happened on a work and school day. However, it looks like the people did not care one bit about it as they lined up 60-deep at times to watch the team roll up Boylston Street and Tremont Street to City Hall, a route that was also taken during the last parade two years ago. In that way it was business as usual for the Patriots.

And it also was when it comes to excitement — something the Boston Globe’s Dugan Arnett, author of the story mentioned above, probably also noticed. So to answer the question he raised: Boston and New England as a whole still celebrates the Patriots as much as ever, and the excitement never seems to get old. No, the winning has not dimmed anything as the hundreds of thousands in attendance will attest.