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2019 NFL free agency: How to use Pats Pulpit to stay on top of the Patriots’ news, rumors, and transactions

One of the busiest weeks of the offseason is among us, so make sure to stay informed.

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While we are in the so-called offseason, this week will be one of the busiest on the NFL calendar: free agency is upon us! While the new league year and open market will not begin until Wednesday, March 13, 4:00 p.m. ET, expect plenty of news and rumors to fly around until then. After all, the league’s legal tampering period opens today and players can start speaking to clubs about potential interest.

Needless to say that the next few days will be quite busy with news, rumors and transactions. So in order to make sure to stay on top of it all, here’s how to take full advantage of Pats Pulpit this week (and basically every week):

When you are reading this, you are already on the site — welcome! Not only will we have all the news and rumors compiled in our up-to-date free agency tracker, we also will have full-length stories about each New England Patriots move and its implications on the team.

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Our podcast family has grown substantially this year and we can now offer you three different pods to dissect free agency: our flagship Pats Pulpit Podcast featuring Rich Hill and Alec Shane, the Pats Nation Podcast with Pat Lane and Ryan Spagnoli, and the Pats Blitz Podcast hosted by Chris Blackey and Steven Thompson. Find all of them in our main podcast hub — and don’t forget to subscribe to never miss an episode!

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