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VIDEO: Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski still hasn’t told his agent if he’s going to play in 2019

Will he be back in 2019?

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

One of the biggest offseason questions for the New England Patriots is the status of tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is contemplating retirement. Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, joined ESPN’s NFL Live to discuss Gronk’s future.

“I talked to Rob last night,” Rosenhaus said. “He won’t even tell me. He said he hasn’t made a decision yet. He is healthy, which I’m excited to say. He’s feeling a lot better. He played through an injury in the Super Bowl, [but] what else is new for that beast? He’s so tough. The quad is healthy now.

“Personally, I just want what’s best for Rob. I said, ‘Rob, take your time. Do what you believe in.’ He’s already the all-time greatest tight end. He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer. There’s never been a tight end like this guy. The sky’s the limit for him. If he comes back to play, [that’s] fantastic. I honestly don’t know. I’m waiting to see like everybody else.”

In my opinion, Gronkowski should do whatever is best for his health. He’s already made plenty of money, so that shouldn’t be a motivating factor. But if his body says that he’s up for another season, then he should be a welcome addition to the New England offense.

New England should prepare for life after Gronkowski, but there’s only a couple tight ends on that planet that should be better than Gronk in 2019. Gronkowski is the best blocking tight end in the league and still a top five (or top ten, if you don’t like the Patriots) receiving tight end, so he’s extremely valuable.

I would expect Gronkowski to have an open dialogue with the Patriots’ front office as they head into free agency and prepare for 2019, and I would expect the decision to be known ahead of the draft.