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The Patriots are once again depleted at receiver, but there’s no reason to worry

Even though the Pats are lacking in the receiving department ... again ... they’ll figure it out, just like they did last year.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

As the late great Yogi Berra would say, it’s like de ja vu all over again.

When it comes to the wide receiver position, the New England Patriots are finding themselves in a very similar situation to the one they were in just a year ago — being that they are totally depleted at the position. The only attention-grabbing name they have is Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman. Who else is there?

We thought there was potential for a reunion with Danny Amendola — something that would’ve sent Foxboro into a frenzy — but that didn’t happen, as he took his talents to the Motor City to join Matt Patricia. Meanwhile, Cordarrelle Patterson is also heading to the NFC North to join the Chicago Bears.

And as Pats Pulpit managing editor Bernd Buchmasser pointed out, the Patriots are continuing to stand idly by and watch while the free agent wide receivers sign deals with other teams. Bill Belichick has yet to jump on an opportunity to beef up the receiving core. It’s no surprise — just another typical offseason in New England.

It all just means that when the Pats head into the 2019 season, there will be endless questions about their depth at the receiver position. I asked a good amount of those questions last year, incessantly worrying that their lack of receiving depth would hold them back.

They responded by winning the Super Bowl yet again, and that’s why I’m trying not to worry about it this year. There is still plenty of offseason left for them to make a move. There is still the 2019 NFL Draft coming up next month.

In all honesty, there’s really no reason to be worried. Belichick, Tom Brady and the Pats just figured it out last year. They’ll do the same this year, even if their only notable receiver is a 33-year-old Edelman.

If the Patriots can do what they did last year with that depleted receiving core, there’s no telling what they’ll do this year in an almost identical situation. Get ready for yet another wild ride.