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Patriots re-sign wide receiver Phillip Dorsett to a 1-year contract

The Patriots made their first move to re-stock the wide receiver position.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

We don’t know the terms yet, but since some of you guys dearly need some good news when the wide receiver room basically looks like Julian Edelman and Braxton Berrios playing ping-pong with Matt Slater occasionally popping his head in like “I got next”, we figured we’d better break this to you all sooner rather than later:

Interestingly, and unsurprisingly given the way the wide receiver market prices are higher than lobster around this time of year, there were a few other teams in the mix for Phil too, and he decided to stay in blue and white anyway.

Given that RapSheet’s phrasing of “prove-it” probably isn’t an accident, it’ll be particularly interesting to see what his guaranteed money comes in at; we know it’s almost certainly not Devin Funchess money at $13,000,000 a year (a phrase I truly never thought I’d type), and if the Patriots let Cordarrelle Patterson walk on a 2-year, $10 million deal, it’s probably a safe bet Dorsett’s money is also not quite at Julian Edelman’s $4.5 million cap hit for ‘19 either.

Anyway, let’s remember that Phil played some of his best ball while Chris Hogan played some of his worst and power through till the weekend.

UPDATE #1: Apparently Dorsett was a little more popular than we thought, per ProJo’s Mark Daniels: