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Breaking down how the return of Ryan Allen impacts the Patriots’ salary cap

The details are in on Ryan Allen’s one-year deal that keeps him in Foxborough for 2019.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

On Thursday, ESPN’s Mike Reiss provided the details on punter Ryan Allen’s new one-year contract with the Patriots.

As Reiss stated, the deal is modest. Its its $1.5 million 2019 cash total falls short of the $2,033,333 average per-year value Allen received on the three-year extension he just completed — a deal that was signed in 2015. The figure signifies a lack of leverage for the veteran specialist, as New England’s bevy of 2019 draft capital and current position tight to the salary cap increased the likelihood that they would seek a cheaper replacement at the punter position through the draft, or during the chaotic hours immediately following when teams make a mad dash for priority undrafted free agents.

Allen’s $50,000 Pro Bowl incentive bonus will be considered not likely to be earned this season, and if he is voted to the Pro Bowl on the original ballot, a $50,000 negative adjustment will be made towards the Patriots’ 2020 adjusted team cap calculation. Should he miss any regular season games in 2019 while a member of the 53-man roster, the team would be credited with $31,250 in 2020 for each one.

Allen’s 2019 cap hit is $1.5 million, and it accounts for .76% of New England’s adjusted team cap, ranking 32nd on the current roster. To date, the former undrafted free agent out of Louisiana Tech has earned $7,014,835 in his six seasons in Foxborough.

The Patriots will lose $930,000 in cap space with the signing, as Allen replaces a $570,000-salaried player in the top-51. This brings the team’s estimated current cap space figure to $2,466,097 with 67 players signed.

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