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Watch the “Thank you Gronk!” video tribute to the retired Patriots tight end

Check out Ryan Spagnoli’s Thank You to Rob Gronkowski’s magical nine year run in New England.

Yesterday, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the game of football. Today, I made a video tribute to recap his tremendous career and thank Gronk for an unbelievable nine-year run with the Patriots — one that started with him entering the stage at the NFL draft as an enthusiastic second-round draft pick.

Gronkowski made his impact felt right away by catching a touchdown in his first-ever game in the NFL — the first of his franchise-record 79 receiving touchdowns. At that point, the Gronk was born: the fun-loving, ultra-productive super star that would go on to become the most dominating force the tight end position has ever seen.

Over the ensuing nine years in New England, Gronkowski made one highlight reel play after the other en route to helping the team win three Super Bowl and himself earning a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame a few years from now.

So make sure to enjoy the video — and thank you, Gronk!