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Pats Madness: Determining the best Patriots game from the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era

The 32 best games of the era will face off to see what is the best game from the Patriots dynasty

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Patriots Madness

Patriots Nation -- Welcome to Pats Madness! This morning, staff writer Pat Lane is rolling out a new 2019 Pats Madness series, and he jumped on Pats Pulpit Live to tell you all about it. Head to, print out your bracket of the Patriots' 64 greatest games, and vote on which ones you think were the best!

Posted by Pats Pulpit: For New England Patriots News on Friday, March 8, 2019

There have been so many amazing games of the current New England Patriots dynasty, but what is the best of those games? Welcome to Pats Madness.

We created a March Madness-style bracket to allow you, the fans, to decide which contest of the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era truly is the best of them all. Coming after this article, will be two more, introducing the different regions of the tournament:

Brady region & Gronk region: VOTE HERE!

Brown region & Bruschi region: Saturday, March 9, 1:00 p.m. ET

Inside each of those articles will be a brief description of every game from every matchup, including a poll where you can vote on the winner of the matchup. Make sure you vote on every contest this round, as your votes will move the games forward! Have fun, and hopefully your bracket doesn’t get busted too early!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true March Madness tournament without a bracket to print and fill out, and to follow along with as we go. Click here to download the printable .pdf document.

The “6x Champions” design is based on a shirt by our friends at Breaking T. Make sure to head over to get it and countless other Patriots gear!