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NFL rumors: Adam Schefter would be ‘surprised’ if Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski retired

ESPN’s Adam Schefter stated today on WEEI’s Mut and Callahan that he’d be ‘surprised’ if Gronkowski retires.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one guy in the football world you trust almost everything that comes out of his mouth, it is ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter: from breaking numerous transactions to finding the correct story regarding the Antonio Brown saga, Schefter is usually on point. And when he speaks about the New England Patriots, we naturally listen extra carefully — just like this morning.

Schefter appeared on WEEI’s Mut and Callahan Show to speak about Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and his potential retirement. The reporter said that he “hasn't heard anything about Gronkowski’s plans” but also that he believes he will return for the 2019 season. “There’s no decision that I know of yet but if you’re a fan, I think you have to feel encouraged,” said Schefter.

“We are now a month after the Super Bowl and haven’t heard anything — it seems like business as usual. I’d be more surprised if he retired than if he came back,” he continued. That is definitely a very good and encouraging point made by Schefter and you have to think that if Gronkowski was planning to retire, the Patriots would know by now with Free Agency and the NFL Draft coming up.