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The Patriots’ draft day hats are here and... well, you be the judge

The Foxborough city seal has been incorporated into the design.

The NFL will get together in Nashville, Tennessee later this month to celebrate its annual college player selection meeting more colloquially known as the draft. The event, as usual, will once again be a spectacle of epic proportions with the men at the center of it all being those who will hear their names called over the course of the seven rounds divided into three days.

While not all 254 players who will eventually get drafted will make their way to Nashville to participate in the event, some of them — usually those who surely will get selected on day one — will and enter the stage upon hearing their names called. And, as is tradition, they will be equipped with a hat representing the team that has just picked them. Earlier today, those hats were revealed and they look as follows (photos via NFL Update):

Only 31 hats were revealed today, as the New York Jets’ will not become public until in two days when the team announces its new uniforms. Those that we do know — as is the case seemingly every year — include some hits and plenty of misses. One cap to surely polarize is the New England Patriots’: while it is rather plain when it comes to the design compared to others, the inclusion of the Foxborough city seal is a creative but somewhat overambitious addition.

What do you think of their hats — or the entire group in general? Let us know in the poll and the comments:


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