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#FanPulse: How Patriots fans rank the team’s biggest draft needs

Which position is of greatest need?

We surveyed our readers through our #FanPulse survey to get a sense of which positions are the greatest need for the New England Patriots as we head into the 2019 NFL Draft and two positions separated themselves from the rest.

Tight end won the poll with 43% of the vote and that makes sense. Rob Gronkowski retired this offseason and the addition of veteran Austin Seferian-Jenkins does not quash the need for more talent at the position.

Wide receiver came in second with 32% of the vote, meaning that getting Tom Brady a new pass catcher in the draft is considered the biggest need by 75% of our audience.

The Patriots starting receivers would likely be Seferian-Jenkins, Julian Edelman, Phillip Dorsett, and possibly Demaryius Thomas depending on the status of his Achilles injury. There’s clear room for improvement and there’s a necessity for talent as most players will be free agents after 2019.

Offensive tackle came in third place with 15% of the vote and is the position I will keep my eyes on. Marcus Cannon is the lone proven talent at the position, while Isaiah Wynn is penciled in to start without having played a snap in the NFL and is coming off a season-ending injury. There really isn’t anyone behind those two, unless you count fringe-roster player Cole Croston, so I would expect New England to invest a day two pick at the position.

The remaining 10% of the vote went for other and I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.