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Previewing the second day of the 2019 NFL draft

A look at the teams selecting Friday night and where the Patriots fit in.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL Draft resumes tonight at 7 PM, and the Arizona Cardinals will be on the clock first at pick 33. Typically Friday is the more exciting day, especially for Patriots fans, because there is a lot of movement between teams.

Last night, 5 picks in rounds 2 and 3 changed hands. The picks were:

37 to Seattle from the Giants

46 to Indianapolis from Washington

45 and 79 to the Rams from Atlanta

52 to Denver from Pittsburgh

Other than that, the draft order hasn’t changed since yesterday. Of course, there are rumors that Josh Rosen may be on the move at some point today, so that could certainly change, but, for now, the board looks mostly the same as it did yesterday.

The Patriots have the most picks (five) tonight, with the Colts and Rams both having four. The Colts, however, have three picks in the second round, while the Rams have three in the third. As you probably know, the Patriots have two in the second and three in the third.

Some teams that may be even more likely to trade picks are the Texans, Chiefs, and Eagles. That’s because they have picks bunched close together. The Texans have back to back picks at 54 and 55. Unless they love 2 guys there, it would be a great opportunity to get the guy they want and still trade down and get more picks. The Eagles are in a similar situation with picks 53 and 57, and the Chiefs hold nearly back to back picks at 61 and 63. All of those teams could be focused on one player in the spot they’re in and, while getting him, also trade back and pick up more assets.

As far as the Patriots are concerned, the wait won’t be quite as long for them tonight, as they are picking 24th tonight, at pick 56. Then they’ll have a pick just eight picks later at 64, and nine picks after that at 73. Having picks relatively close together may allow them to trade back, or, possibly, trade a pick or two for a veteran who can make an immediate impact. Look for the Patriots to make some noise at the end of the second and top of the third. After 73, they have to wait until 97, but they again have picks very close together, because they will be on the clock again at 101.

Having the number of picks they do, and the relatively small gap between most of their picks gives the Patriots a ton of options tonight. Last year, the Patriots dealt one of their 3rd rounders for Trent Brown. Will we see the same type of move this year? Will the Patriots trade up for a player they covet early in the second? Or, will the Patriots do what they did last year, and use those picks to get some extra draft capital for next season?

I think it could be a little of everything. With five picks, they can draft a few players, pick up a veteran, or maybe second year player (come to me, Josh Rosen), or even make a trade for a higher pick next year. I’m hoping for some fireworks, which we always assume that we won’t get, but, then again, we’ve always said we wouldn’t see the flashy first round WR, and that already happened, so maybe Bill has some more surprises for us this year.

Full 2nd and 3rd Round Order

Round 2

33. Arizona

34. Indianapolis (from N.Y. Jets)

35. Oakland

36. San Francisco

37. Seattle (from N.Y. Giants)

38. Jacksonville

39. Tampa Bay

40. Buffalo

41. Denver

42. Cincinnati

43. Detroit

44. Green Bay

45. L.A. Rams (from Atlanta)

46. Indianapolis (from Washington)

47. Carolina

48. Miami

49. Cleveland

50. Minnesota

51. Tennessee

52. Denver (from Pittsburgh)

53. Philadelphia (from Baltimore)

54. Houston (from Seattle)

55. Houston

56. New England (from Chicago)

57. Philadelphia

58. Dallas

59. Indianapolis

60. L.A. Chargers

61. Kansas City

62. New Orleans

63. Kansas City (from L.A. Rams)

64. New England

Round 3

65. Arizona

66. Pittsburgh (from Oakland)

67. San Francisco

68. N.Y. Jets

69. Jacksonville

70. Tampa Bay

71. Denver

72. Cincinnati

73. New England (from Detroit)

74. Buffalo

75. Green Bay

76. Washington

77. Carolina

78. Miami

79. L.A. Rams (from Atlanta)

80. Cleveland

81. Minnesota

82. Tennessee

83. Pittsburgh

84. Kansas City (from Seattle)

85. Baltimore

86. Houston

87. Chicago

88. Detroit (from Philadelphia)

89. Indianapolis

90. Dallas

91. L.A. Chargers

92. Seattle (from Kansas City)

93. N.Y. Jets (from New Orleans)

94. L.A. Rams

95. N.Y. Giants (from New England through Cleveland)

96. Washington*

97. New England*

98. Jacksonville (from L.A. Rams)*

99. L.A. Rams*

100. Carolina*

101. New England*

102. Baltimore*

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