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Previewing the third day of the draft for the Patriots

The Patriots have seven picks on day three of the draft.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After trading down about 473 times, the Patriots ended day two of the NFL Draft with four players, giving them five drafted total. They added players in many of the positions of need, drafting a wide receiver, cornerback, offensive tackle, defensive, and running back. There are many people that will break down those players and how they will fit in with the Patriots (click here or here or here or here or here). For this article, we’re just taking a look at where they will be drafting on day three of the draft.

The Patriots have seven picks during day three, which gives them a chance to draft twelve total players this weekend. Three of the picks are in the fourth round, and an additional four are in the seventh. This means they have no picks in rounds five or six. Typically, the Patriots don’t like to have such a big gap between picks, so look for them to trade back to possibly pick up a fifth or sixth round pick. Helping this along is the fact that they have back to back picks in the fourth (#133 and #134).

They still haven’t addressed the needs at quarterback or tight end, which is what most fans were hoping for on day two. Luckily, with the number of picks they have in day three, they will still have a chance to do that. I assume that the Patriots won’t be making all seven picks today, but they have the assets to move around or even trade for a veteran to fill a need.

Either way, today is the last day of the draft. Hopefully, you’ve had as much fun watching it as we did, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed all of our content, because there’s plenty more to come!

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