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Updating the Jimmy Garoppolo trade between the Patriots and the 49ers

The Patriots used assets acquired in the deal to select almost half of their 2019 draft class.

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was traded from the New England Patriots to the San Francisco 49ers for only one draft pick: the 43rd selection in 2018. Somehow, however, the Patriots still have unused picks acquired from that trade. What Bill Belichick has done with that 43rd pick is simply astounding. Let’s take a look at it... try to keep up.

One quick note before we start: the picks acquired in deals directly resulting from the original Jimmy G trade are in bold.


Trade: Jimmy Garoppolo to San Francisco for 2018 2nd (2-43)


Trade: 2-43 to Detroit for 2-51 and 4-117

Trade: 2-51 to Chicago for 2019 2nd (2-56) and 4-105

Trade: 4-105 to Cleveland for 4-114 and 6-178

Trade: 4-114 to Detroit for 2019 3rd (3-73)

Draft: LB Christian Sam with 6-178

Draft: CB Duke Dawson Jr. (2-56) by trading 2-63 and 4-117

So, to recap, during the 2018 draft the Patriots acquired second and third round picks in the 2019 draft, drafted linebacker Christian Sam, and used another one of the picks acquired to package for a trade-up to get cornerback Duke Dawson.


Trade: 3-73 to Chicago for 3-87, 5-162, and 2020 4th

Draft: CB Joejuan Williams (2-45) by trading 2-56 and 3-101

Draft: RB Damien Harris with 3-87

Draft: OT Yodny Cajuste (3-101) and QB Jarrett Stidham (4-133) by trading 3-97 and 5-162

Most of the chips have been cashed in at this point. Damien Harris was a direct result of trading the 73rd pick to the Chicago Bears, while Joejuan Williams, Yodny Cajuste, and Jarrett Stidham were all acquired by trade using, in part, picks acquired from the original Jimmy Garoppolo deal.

But we’re not done yet: the Patriots still have the Bears’ fourth round pick in 2020.

The amount of talent that Belichick has been able to acquire with just a single draft pick is awe-inspiring. The name that sticks out is Stidham. Can you imagine if he becomes the successor to Brady? Belichick would have acquired Brady’s successor with a pick from the trade of the the guy everyone believed would be his successor. Knowing Brady, he’ll probably be playing long after Stidham has moved on to a different team too, but how amazing would that be?

What I wonder is if Belichick is keeping track of this too. Is he trying to maximize assets from a deal that some people consider to have been rushed? Something tells me he doesn’t care at all, and that makes what he’s done even better.

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