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NFL odds: Patriots remain favorites to win Super Bowl 54 after the draft

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NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots Championship Parade Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The draft is in the books and as is the case every year, its outcome will have an enormous impact on the NFL in both the short and the long term. How exactly this impact will look like is anybody’s guess at the moment — the draft is still a crap-shoot to a certain degree. The early evaluations of the New England Patriots’ selections certainly are encouraging, though, and it seems as if the oddsmakers feel the same way about the team.

The latest Super Bowl odds released by show that the Patriots are still considered as the team to beat heading into the quieter parts of the 2019 offseason:

New England Patriots: 8/1

The number did not change in either direction since the last time BetOnline released its Super Bowl 54 odds following free agency — and that is despite Rob Gronkowski announcing his retirement since. Him stepping away from the game was either not seen as that big a blow, or the Patriots’ draft made up for it to a certain degree. New England did draft physical boundary wide receiver N’Keal Harry in the first-round, after all.

As for the main projected competitors for the title, two of them saw their odds decrease since 1.5 months ago while others improved:

Los Angeles Rams: 9/1 (up from 10/1)

Kansas City Chiefs: 10/1 (down from 9/1)

New Orleans Saints: 10/1 (down from 9/1)

Cleveland Browns: 14/1 (same)

Los Angeles Chargers: 14/1 (up from 16/1)

Philadelphia Eagles: 14/1 (up from 16/1)

While odds are only somewhat reflective of a team’s strength heading into the season, they do reflect which teams are seen as the top dogs in the NFL. Unsurprisingly, that title still belongs to the Patriots.