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Pats Madness: And the winner is...

Which game claimed the title as best game in the Belichick/Brady era?

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Pats Madness has ended, and the fans have spoken: the greatest game of the New England PatriotsTom Brady/Bill Belichick Era is Super Bowl 51. The game was never really challenged all the way through despite going against some memorable games, including Super Bowl 49 in the Final Four, and Super Bowl 36 in the Finals. Super Bowl 36 was the runner up, but the vote wasn’t close no matter the platform: 71% (723 votes) to 29% (295 votes)

Twitter: 87% (540 votes) to 13% (81 votes)

Facebook: 83% (867 votes) to 17% (176)

Putting all 2,682 votes into account, the final result of Pats Madness 2019 therefore looks as follows:

Super Bowl 51: 79% (2,130 votes)

Super Bowl 36: 21% (552 votes)

In an era where we’ve seen six Super Bowl championships and countless other memorable games, the greatest comeback of all time stood above them all. An argument can be made that Super Bowl 36 is more memorable, or that Super Bowl 49 was more important, but there’s just something about 28-3 that makes it unforgettable. So regardless of your opinion (I had 36 as my overall #1), you can see why the fans voted the way they did.

The biggest takeaway from this bracket is that we have been incredibly lucky: no team in history has had close to the sustained success that these Patriots have had, and we are lucky enough to be living through it right now.

Thanks for playing along and voting. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Remember to stay with Pats Pulpit all offseason, as we have all sorts of other fun games up our sleeve!

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