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Patriots repaint their team plane to reflect their latest Super Bowl victory

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In August 2017, six months after their victory in Super Bowl 51, reports broke that the New England Patriots purchased a pair of airplanes. The first NFL franchise to own its personal planes, New England invested in two Boeing 767s — each worth around $10 million, not counting the styling or retrofitting to turn them both into first-class-only planes — to carry the team to its road games in the future.

In October of the same year, the AirKrafts were finally unveiled and have been used by the team ever since. Not even two years after the purchase, however, New England needed to invest in the planes again: following their 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53, they needed a new paint job. Today, the new-look vehicles were presented to the world at T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island:

The Patriots did not only add a sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy but also a ‘6x Champions’ decal on the side of the plane. As is the case with Bill Belichick’s boat, VIII Rings, however, one has to wonder for how long the new paint-job will be up to date. Needless to say that the Kraft family and the rest of the organization would happily repaint the planes again next spring.