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Bruins Game 7: Liam Fitzgerald teams up with Julian Edelman and Aly Raisman as banner captains

Dream Team!

It’s Game 7 for your Boston Bruins, at the Garden, and that means, like Bill Belichick says “There’s no mystery here fellas! It’s trusting each other and everybody doing their jobs!”

And for a banner captain to carry the B’s to victory, you need a hero. Someone larger than life. Maybe even in true Boston fashion, a scrappy, lunchpail grinder that’s small in stature and off the charts in heart. Someone who’s beaten the longest of odds and battled through enough adversity to EARN the right to say “We’re still here!”

We’re talking of course about The Fist Bump Kid himself, Liam Fitzgerald!

...who was nice enough to bring a couple of his friends along for the hype train.

That’d be Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman and two-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman in....David Ortiz’s Red Sox threads.





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