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Three details we now know about Nick Caserio’s contract with the Patriots

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On Friday, the Houston Texans dropped their pursuit of New England Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio. The story up to that point was filled with considerable intrigue, of course: the Texans parted ways with general manager Brian Gaine one week earlier, presumably to target Caserio for the gig. New England, however, did not answer a request for an interview and instead accused Houston of tampering.

The entire affair ended within seven days, and with the Texans ending their quest to get Caserio on board; the Patriots dropped their tampering charges in return. The man at the center of it all will therefore stay in New England for the time being and continue his role as the world champions’ de facto general manager. With all that in mind, we still learned some things about Caserio’s position with the Patriots.

Put it all together and we now know three details about his contract:

1.) His deal ends after the 2020 NFL draft.

2.) His deal has a no-interview clause in it.

3.) His deal pays him around $2 million per year.

Caserio’s salary was first reported in 2017 by then-Boston Herald beat writer Jeff Howe. The number is considerable, yes, but it also is a notch below what other teams are paying for general managers — something Caserio pretty much is in New England even without the official title and final say on roster construction. The New York Jets are reportedly giving their recently signed GM, Joe Douglas, $3 million per year, with the Seattle Seahawks paying John Schneider roughly $3.75 million annually.

The other two details just became public this past week.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported the length of Caserio’s deal in New England. While we already knew that the 43-year-old had signed an extension with the Patriots back in 2014, all that was reported back then was that the deal apparently running “through the 2020 season.” However, it now seems as if it is up essentially a year earlier than that and will expire after next year’s draft. For the Patriots, this means that they have around ten months to come to another agreement to keep Caserio around beyond that deadline.

The final detail was reported by the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain and is essentially the key piece of the entire puzzle: it looks like Caserio’s current deal prevents him interviewing with other teams — a curious stipulation, but one that might have been included for the sake of long-term stability: Caserio’s 2014 extension added six years to his existing deal. Given the Texans’ interest two years in a row, however, one has to wonder about this clause.

Looking ahead and to potential contract negotiations between the Patriots and Caserio, it would not be a surprise if his deal gets altered significantly were he to stay in New England. His salary will likely get addressed to match top-executive levels across the league, but so might other details — from the no-interview clause to his actual title. Needless to say that while the story may be over for now, we will hear from it again over the next few months.