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The first trailers for Julian Edelman’s upcoming documentary are out and they look amazing

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Earlier this month, Julian Edelman took to social media to announce that his life and career will be the subject of a new documentary: 100%: Julian Edelman, produced by Showtime Sports, will show the wide receiver’s recovery from a torn ACL suffered in August 2017 and follow him all the way to the New England PatriotsSuper Bowl victory just seventeen months removed from the season-long injury.

Along the way Edelman’s unique career will also be chronicled: the 33-year-old, after all, went from college quarterback to seventh-round draft selection to Tom Brady’s go-to wide receiver to three-time world champion. And the first teasers released about the documentary already give us an insight into this broad scope and how 100%: Julian Edelman will tell the story of the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

Just like other Patriots-related content — from NFL Films’ Do Your Job, which could get a third installment in September, to Tom Brady’s own Tom vs. Time100%: Julian Edelman will be must-see television for fans not just of the world champions but football fans in general. The show is scheduled to premiere on Friday, June 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.