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Patriots trade target TE Michael Roberts also fails his Packers physical, gets waived

The Patriots one-time trade target won’t be a Green Bay Packer, either, at least for now.

NFL: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

May as well go ahead and throw this out there now: generally speaking, on this site your author (that’s me!) is chronically incapable of taking anyone or anything seriously. However, one of my only core beliefs as Julian Edelman and myself keep making our early 30’s look good is that you never, ever make fun of another man’s sports injury. Superstitions aside, it takes an extreme troglodyte to joke around about someone’s body failing them in grotesque and extremely painful ways, so the jokes here will be kept to an absolute minimum.

That being said, whatever’s making TE Michael Roberts keep failing physicals appears to be a legit concern, because the Green Bay Packers just decided it was serious enough to waive him with an injury designation.

Roberts, you probably remember, was heading to join a rather crowded but still ostensibly wide-open Patriots tight end group until last week, when a failed physical with the Patriots resulted in him reverting back to the Detroit Lions, who released him immediately after that.

The Lions releasing Roberts put him on the waiver wire, where the Packers threw in a claim surely hoping that whatever his reason for failing the physical in New England was, it’d be manageable by their standards. Turns out, the complete opposite was actually the case, and like our fearless leader Bernd pointed out, Green Bay’s got nothing to lose by throwing in a waiver claim just to get some more details. That ended up with Michael getting waived on Wednesday, and assuming my math is right, he should go back to the waiver process again.

You’d think that’d leave the Patriots back in search of another tight end, but given that they’ve more or less punted on the position ever since our Thunder Buddy for Life Rob Gronkowski left, it’s worth wondering if they ever intended to sign anyone beyond an old friend, Matt LaCosse, and a bunch of fliers the same way you and I would take a shot on something at the deli.

Which, you know, given the rest of the offense as it’s currently constructed, may not be the worst idea: