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Patriot Nation Podcast #31: Eyes on the Enemy, Chris Simms’ quarterback rankings & more!

On this weeks show, Pat and Spags rant about Chirs Simms’ recent QB rankings and start their new segment “Eyes on the Enemy.”

In this week’s episode of the Patriot Nation Podcast, Spags and Pat continue their off-season fun as they discuss Chris Simms’ recent quarterback rankings and him having Tom Brady WAY too low at number nine.

The two also start their new segment called “Eyes on the Enemy” where they will be breaking down each team the Patriots will be playing this year. In this episode: a closer look at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

To finish off, the two complete their weekly “3 Minute Drill” where they rant and complain about the current struggles of the Red Sox bullpen blowing 16 saves this year. So make sure to tune in (click here in case you’re visiting via Apple News or Google AMP)!

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