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Report: Patrick Chung will be ready to go for Patriots training camp

The Patriots’ Swiss Army Knife safety will be back in action next month.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Really we should’ve all seen this one coming. You simply can’t keep a safety that can do so many things he probably also cooks a mean rack of ribs down when your post-Super-Bowl-champion-celebration surgery looks like this...

(warning: kinda gross)

....and then a few months later in your offseason you’re chasing your shots with margs.

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Long day of filming. Time to chilllllll

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And for what it’s worth, seems like it kinda flew under the radar that Pat also needed to go under the knife and get his shoulder fixed in addition to the gnarly arm injury he got dealt in the Super Bowl, so, yeah, if his Madden “Toughness” ranking isn’t 99, strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Fortunately, we got some good news today — according to Henry McKenna at USA Today Sports, Captain Chung will be back and ready to rock at training camp.

Obviously this is great news, since New England’s secondary is absolutely loaded going into the 2019 season and Chung’s role is basically whatever Gotham needs him to be. Not only that, the man almost never comes off the field — he played 85.04% of the Pats’ defensive snaps last year, which by my math is more than everyone else in the secondary except for D-Mac (96.26%) and All-Pro Stephon Gilmore (97.22%).When even Belichick says flat-out that the Patriots are lucky to have him and that Pat’s an excellent athlete, you’re doing something right.

Want some more of Pat’s thoughts on hitting guys in the mouth? Of course you do. Here you go:

“It’s just a mental thing. You gotta be tough. Sometimes you gotta hit little guys. Sometimes you gotta hit bigger guys. You put that on film that you’ll hit anyone and I don’t know, I guess it shows you’re tough. Whoever’s there, you have to deal with them on that play. If I can make a play, I do it. If my teammates can make a play, it’s just something I’ve gotta do. You can’t really think about it. If he hits you in the mouth and knocks you down…if he hits you in the mouth and you stand…if you hit them…you see? It’s what it is.”

And to borrow a page out of Tedy Bruschi and Matt Slater’s book, how do we FEEL about Patrick Chung being ready to go for camp?