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WATCH LIVE: Rodney Harrison, Leon Gray get inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame

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LIVE: Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Rodney Harrison & Leon Gray

Posted by New England Patriots on Monday, July 29, 2019

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Two of the greatest players the New England Patriots franchise has ever produced will take their rightful place among their brethren today: Leon Gray and Rodney Harrison will get inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame and become the 28th and 29th members of the illustrious club. To celebrate the two men and their contributions to the organization, the Patriots will hold a ceremony in their honor — and you can follow it live above.

The two men at the center of it are, of course, two of the best to ever wear the team’s uniform.

The late Leon Gray served as the Patriots’ starting left tackle from 1973 through the 1978 season, and was core member of some of one of the best offensive lines not only in franchise but arguably also in pro football history. Playing alongside Pro Football Hall of Famer John Hannah, he appeared in 80 games for New England over the course of six seasons and was voted to two Pro Bowls (1976, 1978) and one All-Pro team (1978).

Rodney Harrison, meanwhile, spent six seasons with the Patriots — all of which as a team captain — after they signed him as a free agent in 2003. A member of the Patriots’ 50th anniversary squad and their team of the 2000s, Harrison appeared in a combined 72 regular season and playoff games for the club and was an integral member of two Super Bowl-winning squads (to cap the 2003 and 2004 seasons).

Today, both man get recognized for what they accomplished in New England. Deservedly so.