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Patriots training camp shows that the Tom Brady-Randy Moss connection is still working pretty well

The two former teammates had a pretty spectacular meeting over the weekend.

NFL: JUL 27 Patriots Training Camp Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New England Patriots’ training camp picked up steam over the weekend: Saturday saw the team practice in full pads for the first time this summer, with the intensity notably increasing on Sunday. The weekend also saw something else, however, namely the return of ex-Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss to Foxboro. The Pro Football Hall of Famer, of course, spent 3.5 seasons in New England — and they were simply spectacular.

At his peak, Moss was one of the most electrifying players to ever don the Patriots’ uniform: he and quarterback Tom Brady were nearly unstoppable in 2007, while the veteran wideout still had some tremendous moments between 2008 and his in-season exit in 2010. On Saturday, Brady and Moss fired up the Wayback Machine again as they hooked up on two deep throws after practice:

During their time together — 36 regular season games plus 4 playoff contests — Brady and Moss hooked up a combined 205 times, and a lot of their connections looked like the two above: deep passes from the quarterback that were spot-on, with the receiver catching them in seemingly effortless fashion. While the Brady-Moss connection never led the Patriots to a Super Bowl title, it was must-see television every single week.

Saturday again gave us a glimpse of their connection, one that was truly magical at times.