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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reportedly working out with Rob Gronkowski on Monday

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First Day Of New England Patriots Training Camp Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The New England Patriots won’t return to work until later this month — the world champions will kick off their 2019 training camp on July 25 — but that does not mean that players are not already getting themselves in shape. Take Tom Brady, who invited suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon to a private workout last month. Earlier this week, the Patriots’ quarterback got together with another player for a session: Rob Gronkowski.

According to an Instagram post by UCLA quarterback Chase Artopoeus and a report by MassLive’s Andrew Callahan, the two were working out at the school’s facilities on Monday: Brady threw some passes to Gronkowski, who visited UCLA to participate in a charity basketball game later that day. The session, of course, will further stoke the flames about the retired tight end returning to the NFL at a later point this season.

That being said, it probably should not: Gronkowski, who ended his career in March after nine seasons and three championships, has repeatedly denied intentions to come back out of retirement. “Whatever I say, it doesn’t matter. It will always be crazy out there, but you can put them to rest,” the future Hall of Famer, who lost more than 15 pounds from his reported playing weight of 268 last season, said about the rumors last month.

And while he did recently acknowledge that he might miss the game once the season gets underway, seeing him back on the Patriots this season should still not be expected at this point.