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Ed Reed has considered coaching for the Patriots, and I’ve never wanted something so bad

The recent Hall of Fame inductee revealed that he strongly considered coming to coach for the Patriots.

Winslow Townson/Associated Press

This week on Dan Patrick’s radio show, Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed said that he had spoken to Bill Belichick about being interested in the open defensive backs coaching position, which has since been filled by Steve Belichick.

In case you missed it, here’s the video:

Could you imagine Reed being the Patriots’ DB coach? Never mind that he is arguably the best safety in NFL history. Think about the fact that almost all of his hardcore fans absolutely hate the Patriots. With Reed on the staff, what would they do? Would they be able to hate the Patriots as much as they do knowing that one of their favorite all time players was a part of the franchise?

Add on the fact that the defensive backs would be learning for one of the best DB’s in history, and it would be one of the best and most exciting hires in Belichick’s history. One that would send waves through the NFL community. Remember, Reed mentioned Belichick in his Hall of Fame induction speech. A member of one of the fiercest rivals when they were playing has immense respect for Belichick, and Tom Brady, whom he trades Instagram DMs with as well.

Do I wish it would happen? You better believe it! Do I think it ever will? Probably not. It doesn’t seem that anyone is going anywhere on the defensive side of the coaching staff, so not sure where Reed would fit in. Even as an assistant, it would be amazing to simply have him around the players, and have them learn from him. So here’s hoping it happens in one way or another in the next year or two. Obviously so the Patriots can gain a potentially great coach, but it would also be nice to stick it in the face of Ravens fans too.

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