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Nobody thinks the Patriots will not repeat as AFC East champions this season

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NFL: JAN 29 Super Bowl LIII - Patriots Press Conference
Happy Bill.
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New England Patriots have broken a lot of records during their current and unprecedented run of success. One of the most impressive, however, might just be their in-division success: the Patriots have won the AFC East in ten consecutive years. That streak is alive and well entering the 2019 regular season, and it looks like nobody actually thinks that New England will not capture an eleventh straight division crown this year.

The results of SB Nation’s latest FanPulse survey — please click here if you also want to take part — show this. Participants were asked which team they thought was most likely not to repeat as division champion, and none of the eight available choices saw as few clicks as the Patriots. All in all, the survey’s results look as follows (sorted from most likely to lose the division title to least likely):

Baltimore Ravens (AFC North): 27.4%

Dallas Cowboys (NFC East): 26.5%

Houston Texans (AFC South): 20.5%

Chicago Bears (NFC North): 12.6%

New Orleans Saints (NFC South): 4.7%

Los Angeles Rams (NFC West): 4.1%

Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West): 2.3%

New England Patriots (AFC East): 1.9%

As can be seen, members of all 32 fanbases think that the Patriots’ reign of dominance is bound to continue — something that cannot said for the winners of the league’s more equal divisions: almost three fourths of the votes went to either the Ravens, Cowboys or Texans. This speaks not only for their division rivals’ outlook but also for the quality of the teams themselves, as fans apparently do not trust them to stay on top the rankings this year.

The four teams at the bottom of the list do not have those problems: few people think that the Saints or Rams will be unable to recapture another crown, with even fewer picking a Chiefs team that is entering 2019 with high expectations. And while New England may not have the same level of hype as Kansas City, fans around the country (and globe) know that they are still the safest bet in all of football. It’s good to be king.

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