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Patriot Nation Podcast #37: Time to get ready for your fantasy football draft!

Pat is joined by 2 fantasy experts to prepare you for your fantasy draft

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This week, with Spags traveling to Nashville for the New England Patriots’ preseason game against the Tennessee Titans, Pat is joined by two fantasy football experts to talk about how to win your fantasy draft. Dale DeMott and John Chapman of Eat. Sleep. Fantasy — a fantasy football podcast and website — who are well known for their expert rankings and advice.

They discuss draft strategies, and what your mindset should look like heading into the draft, and then do an abbreviated mock draft, where they draft, and talk about, specific players. Make sure you listen to this episode before doing your fantasy draft!

Also: you can listen to Eat. Sleep. Fantasy wherever you listen to podcasts, and view their rankings and more on their website. It’s definitely worth a visit for every fantasy football fan.

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