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Patriot Nation Podcast #35: 53-man Patriots roster projection, and Jack Adams joins the show!

This week, Pat and Spags predict the Patriots 53-man roster as well as being joined by Red Wings prospect Jack Adams.

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In this week’s episode of the Patriot Nation Podcast, Spags and Pat start off by releasing their latest 53-man roster as training camp moves towards preseason. The two are also joined by Jack Adams. Jack is a draft pick of the Detroit Red Wings currently playing at Union College as well as a great Patriots mind as well.

We discuss Jack’s recovery from his ACL injury and how he is inspiring others through the sudden loss of his big brother as he has his own blog on called “You Don’t Know Jack.” We also discuss some of our favorite Patriots moments as well as dive a little bit into what we can expect out of their 2019 team.

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