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Report: the Patriots did NOT offer a first round pick for Washington OT Trent Williams


Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

We all have one person we know that’s such a complete wildcard that they could tell you they did anything from stealing a french fry from Bill Murray to quitting their day job to backpack across Europe, and you’d be like “Yeah, that sounds like something you would do”.

That’s both the Patriots and the Redskins, but for entirely different reasons.

In one corner, your New England Patriots, and Bill Belichick specifically, seems to find a new way to shock the world at least once a season, if not once a month. Everything from cutting Lawyer Milloy back in the day to acquiring the allegedly-washed Randy Moss to trading Jimmy Garoppolo to Tom Brady’s hometown to the very first *ahem* quarterback controversy the Patriots had in the Belichick Era, one man’s crazy idea is just something Bill’s probably thought of and crunched the math on already.

Then in the other corner, you have the Washington football team, who, um...where to begin? Nothing is too crazy to put past them either, and that’s not a compliment.

So when this report came out on Thursday morning, probably 9 out of 10 looked at it like “Yeah, sounds pretty on-brand”:

Aaaaaaaaaand thus begins our case study in “everyone scrambling to break an INSIDER SCOOP before everybody else will eventually faceplant” - the report PFT is using for their report is from JP Finlay of NBC Washington, who was in turn reporting on a report from Kevin Sheehan of 980 The Team, which the Google-machine tells me bills itself as “Redskins Radio”.

Talk about being an agent of chaos, right? I see no way this could possibly go wrong!

Fast forward a couple hours, after everyone’s reported the report everywhere from NESN to PFT and the only reason we didn’t is because I’m lazy and have to count beans for a living, and the heavy hitters started looking at this like “Yeah...nah, that didn’t happen”.

Rap’s point was also confirmed by the most productive high school student in the world, ESPN’s Field Yates:

So not only is the idea that the Pats would pony up pick #32 in the 2020 draft not true, they haven’t made any offers for Williams at all, according to Field.

Which, hey, when you’re right you’re right, is what our own Brian Phillips has been saying from the get-go when Williams allegedly got on the market in the first place. Note the dates here:

Which is why, once again, your boy respectfully nominates that we change the official slogan around these parts to:

Pats Pulpit: Cut the Sh**