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Patriot Nation Podcast #38: Breaking down the Patriots’ preseason win over the Panthers

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On this week’s episode of the Patriot Nation Podcast, Spags and Pat break down the Patriots’ win over the Panthers and go into depth on what players made a name for themselves — and who may be on the outside looking in.

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In this week’s episode of the Patriot Nation Podcast, Spags and Pat break down what they saw in the New England Patriots’ preseason win over the Carolina Panthers. The two start the show by discussing how last night really shook up a lot of roster projections as far as all three phases of the ball go.

They talk about Phillip Dorsett’s solid performance catching 7 passes for 47 yards and pretty much everything that came his way, but also debate whether or not that will that be enough for him to make this team? They also speak about Gunner Olszewski, who appears to be running away with the Patriots’ punt returning job.

Lastly, the two discuss how well the defense looked and how the 53-man roster may now shape up with several guys not playing when we thought they would have — and whether or not the Patriots will keep Brian Hoyer or just go with Jarrett Stidham.

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