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The Scho Show Episode #8: From 53-man roster projections to Rob Gronkowski’s next chapter and Taylor Kyles

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Episode #8 of The Scho Show is here just in time for your long weekend. In this installment, Mark Schofield opens with some reaction to Rob Gronkowski’s “Next Chapter.” Then, it is time for the “Projection of Integrity,” as Mark submits his one and only 53-man roster projection, complete with an in-show change!

Then, Mark welcomes the show’s first repeat guest, as Taylor Kyles comes on to work through his roster projections. Taylor and Mark also chat about Gronkowski’s new professional moves. Topics include:

  • Two or three quarterbacks;
  • Why running back was the easiest position group to project;
  • Why Taylor envisions the team keeping just one tight end;
  • Michael Bennett as the focal point in the “amoeba” or “radar” front;
  • The depth in the secondary, and;
  • Who can help themselves tonight.

Also, this was recorded on Wednesday afternoon, so any new moves the Patriots made, say, later in the day Wednesday were not factored into the equation.

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