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Join SB Nation’s FanPulse to share your thoughts on the Patriots!

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New England Patriots Training Camp
The GOAT is signing up. Be like the GOAT.
Photo by Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Last year, SB Nation introduced one of its most ambitious projects to date: FanPulse. Essentially, we were looking for knowledgable fans to share their thoughts on their respective teams — in this case the New England Patriots. With a new season on the horizon, FanPulse will return as well to measure the thoughts and opinions of the collective voice of Pats Pulpit and Patriots fans around the globe.

Essentially, FanPulse is a poll sent out to subscribers via email on a regular basis — weekly during the regular season — to measure confidence in the team’s direction and to find out how fans feel about other Patriots-related topics. There will be no spam or any other unwanted emails: it’s strictly business, which in this context means that fans get questions and we’ll announce and analyze the results on Pats Pulpit afterwards.

Do you feel like you are a knowledgable fan of the Patriots, and want to participate? No problemo! Just click here, scroll down to ‘New England Patriots’ and enter some basic information and you’ll be set to go (note: existing subscribers don’t need to sign up again)!