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Get your popcorn ready! The Antonio Brown Patriots jerseys are here!

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You may have heard by now, but the New England Patriots have a new wide receiver: Antonio Brown — yes, the Antonio Brown — has joined the team on a one-year deal after he was unceremoniously released by the Oakland Raiders. Adding one of the best players in the NFL to an already stacked team is obviously exciting news, so what better way to celebrate than to become one of the first people to get a Brown Patriots jersey.

They are available right now, just in time for his arrival in New England. Brown is expected to suit up against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday — and you should too!

Antonio Brown Patriots Nike Jersey for $99.99

(Because Brown’s jersey number has not been assigned, there is currently a number 0 placeholder. We will update this post once his number is confirmed. For the die-hard AB fans out there, Fanatics offers a Jersey Assurance Program, which means that any jersey purchased within the last 90 days can be exchanged for free if the player switches teams during that time span.)

And while you’re here...

Our friends at BreakingT have a new T-shirt out as well to pay homage to a popular saying: let’s [bleep] go!

LFG New England for $28

That’s not everything: BreakingT is also offering 19% off all items in its Super Bowl 53 Collection. Just use the promo code LFG19 and follow this link.

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