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The Scho Show Episode #15: A Week 2 Glorious Victory edition after the Patriots’ blowout win over the Dolphins

Tune in!

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Episode #15 of The Scho Show is live, and it is a Week 2 Glorious Victory edition. Mark Schofield hops on the microphone — a tad later than usual, and there is reason for that — and breaks down the great, the also great and the bad from the New England Patriots’ 43-0 victory over the Miami Dolphins down in South Beach. Topics include:

  • One sequence that told the story of the day, and might tell the story of the season;
  • James Develin: A Love Story;
  • Adam Butler and Danny Shelton...a pressure package?;
  • The connection between Tom Brady and Antonio Brown;
  • Why Brown’s target number is not a concern;
  • Game Balls!

Plus lots more, including another pitch for joining The Scho Show Slack Channel and a promotional bit for a concert experience some of you might be interested in. You can listen to the episode here.

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