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The Scho Show Episode #18: A Week 3 Glorious Victory edition following the Patriots’ 30-14 win over the Jets

Tune in!

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Episode #18 of The Scho Show is a Week 3 Glorious Victory installment. In this episode, Mark Schofield recaps the great, the good and the bad from the New England Patriots’ 30-14 victory over the New York Jets on Sunday. Topics include:

  • Great offensive play design by the Patriots;
  • Historic numbers from the team’s defense;
  • Jamie Collins Sr. version 2.0;
  • Ball placement versus middle of the field coverage;
  • Play-action passing with your back to the defense as a quarterback;
  • John Simon continuing to do good things;
  • Game balls, and;
  • A tweak to the Take of the Game.

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