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The Scho Show Episode 11: Antonio Brown Emergency Edition

NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first ten episodes of The Scho Show are in the books.

Episode #11 is our first emergency edition.

With news breaking Saturday that Antonio Brown was headed to New England, Mark Schofield raced to the big chair to provide some immediate reaction to the news. In this quick emergency podcast, Mark breaks down:

  • How Brown fits into the New England offensive approach;
  • The quandry that a skill group of Brown, Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon presents for opposing defenses;
  • Will this actually be a boost for the running game;
  • What this means for the rest of the offense;
  • How this acquisition fits with Patriots history;
  • How the core leadership group is a big part of the fit, and;
  • The potential pitfalls.

You can listen to the episode here. As a quick bonus, here is a drawing of just one play from New England’s playbook, Z Right Zing 72 Punk Hoss, with Edelman, Gordon and Brown indicated. Just a quick taste of the possibilities.

Have fun opposing defensive coordinators:

(Note: MOFO stands for “middle of field open,” such as against Cover 2 and Cover 4. MOFC stands for “middle of field closed,” as you would see against Cover 1 or Cover 3. The hitch route from Gordon can covert to a fade against press or rolled coverage. Edelman will come in motion presnap and run a “punk” route, which is a locked juke route where he is required to work across the formation and you know what I’m just too excited right now about all the possibilities and I need to stop).