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Deep Down the Middle: Devin McCourty, Joe Thuney, and NFL rule changes

Episode 1 of Pats Pulpit’s newest weekly show.

Welcome to Deep Down the Middle — a new show hosted by senior Pats Pulpit staffer Brian Phillips and Pats Pulpit writer Ryan Keiran!

The format

These days, there are two sides to just about every NFL story, and we fans tend to line up on one side or the other when debating them. That’s okay — it’s why sports is fun! But typically, we know the truth is somewhere down the middle of those two sides. So, that’s what we’ll be striving for. With each topic and issue discussed, we’ll be asking ourselves “is there a middle ground here?” Sometimes there will be, and sometimes there won’t.

Each week, we’ll touch briefly on the goings-on around the NFL and with the Patriots, and ask “is this news that actually matters?”. As we move forward, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into a weekly topic as well. Some will be broader (scheme trends sweeping the NFL, analytics, etc), and some will be more specific (a potential under-the-radar free agent target, Josh McDaniels’ play-calling tendencies, etc)

Our biggest goal of the show? Brevity. We’ll be doing all of this in the time it takes you to walk your dog around the block. Typically around 15 minutes or so (episode 1 not withstanding — we had to work out some format wrinkles and it clocked in at a hearty 30 minutes).

Deep Down the Middle will be fresh and new every Wednesday on Facebook Live, the Pats Pulpit YouTube channel, and soon it will be hitting your podcast feeds as a member of the Pats Pulpit Podcast network.

Thanks for tuning in!