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NFL refutes report that Patriots will travel to Mexico City next season to play the Dolphins

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New England Patriots Vs Oakland Raiders At Estadio Azteca Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Update 01/28/2020: NFL refutes report that Patriots will travel to Mexico City next season to play the Dolphins

It looks like the Patriots may not travel to Mexico after all next year. According to an NFL spokesperson, the report about the team facing the Dolphins in Mexico City next season is i accurate and that no game has been scheduled abroad between the two clubs.

Original story 01/28/2020: Patriots will reportedly travel to Mexico City next season to play against the Dolphins

The New England Patriots’ travel schedule for the 2020 regular season will be a tough one with trips to Kansas City, Seattle and Los Angeles (twice) on the team’s itinerary. Now, it looks as if another major road trip will have to be added: as first reported by FOX Sports Mexico, the Patriots will square off against the Miami Dolphins in Mexico City next season. The game will reportedly count as a home game for the Dolphins.

The Patriots are of course no strangers to playing abroad. The team played games in London in 2009 and 2012 — a 35-7 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a 45-7 victory against the then-St. Louis Rams — and also visited Mexico in 2017: New England faced the Oakland Raiders at Estadio Azteca and won with a final score of 33-8. Needless to say that Bill Belichick’s team has made the most out of its international trips over the years.

When this next one will take place remains to be seen — the NFL will not release its final regular season schedule until mid-April — but the Patriots should have mixed feelings about it: while they will not have to go to Miami, a city where they have historically struggled, they have another long journey on their schedule now instead. Don’t be surprised if New England therefore asks the league’s schedule makers to add one or two other road games to this one to make traveling easier for the club.

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