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The Scho Show Episode #60: Breaking down the Titans’ defense

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New year, new episode. Mark Schofield is back for the 60th installment of The Scho Show as we get closer and closer to Wild Card Weekend. In this episode, Mark turns his attention to the Tennessee Titans’ defense. In the first half of the show Mark looks at their pass defense, and highlights some route concepts that have worked against the Titans’ overwhelmingly single-high coverage schemes. Some route designs such as Yankee, Mills, Hoss and more should be part of the game plan.

In the second part of the show Mark focuses on the Titans’ run defense. The numbers are not bad, but their film highlights some flaws. The New England Patriots would be wise to attack the bubble, run weakside, run toss plays and look for cutback opportunities against a linebacker group that can be slow to get into run fits.

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