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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton reportedly was still Coronavirus positive ‘late this past week’ but symptom-free

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Las Vegas Raiders v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Cam Newton was the New England Patriots’ first of currently four Coronavirus cases: the team’s starting quarterback was tested Covid-positive last Friday, and has been isolated from the rest of the team ever since. According to the NFL’s protocols, the 31-year-old — given that he does not develop any symptoms — could return once he produces two negative tests with 24 hours in between. So far, however, he has not done that.

According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Newton remains positive as of “late this past week.”

“Cam Newton, from what I’m told, still has not put together two negative tests in a row, which he needs to get cleared,” Glazer said during Sunday’s pregame show. “He was still positive late this past week. If they were going to play on Monday, it was an outside chance he was going to be cleared, so the fact that it’s been moved to Sunday certainly helps their cause with Cam.”

The Patriots’ game against the Denver Broncos was, of course moved to next week after another player in New England tested positive: Byron Cowart joined Newton as well as cornerback Stephon Gilmore and fellow defensive tackle Bill Murray as the team’s positive tests. In response, the Patriots closed their facilities at Gillette Stadium while the league decided to postpone the upcoming game against the visiting Broncos.

While no official announcement has been made, the belief is that the game will be played next Sunday.

As for Newton himself, meanwhile, he still remains asymptomatic since first being diagnosed with Covid-19: his father appeared on ABC 11 recently to talk about his son, and he gave a short update on his health.

“I was taken aback by the mere fact that he said he tested positive,” Cecil Newton said. “He’s been asymptomatic, he’s kind of working his way through it. You just don’t never know where you get it from. ... It doesn’t affect everybody the exact same way, I think. I was asking him about his immune system and how he felt and whether the symptoms were like fever, chills, coughs, headaches, that kind of stuff. He had none of the symptoms, so I think he’ll be able to combat his way through it. If he can’t play, I’m sure his roaring to get to play.”