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The Scho Show Episode 144: Patriots-49ers might come down to two questions

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Apologies to Bob Seger...

But we turn the page here at The Scho Show, focusing our attention on what lies ahead. This week? The San Francisco 49ers. Sure, many are going to make this game about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. But his contest might come down to two questions.

First, can the New England Patriots slow down George Kittle? We look to answer that by diving into some numbers on where he lines up, what routes he runs, and the ways that head coach Kyle Shanahan tries to get him open as Garoppolo’s first read, thereby making life easier for his QB.

Second, can the Patriots throw on the 49ers? Their defense has given up some big passing plays this year. We dive into the numbers on those, see what stands out, and then dive into the schematics of throwing against the Niners.

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