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The Scho Show Episode 145: What the heck was that?

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Dark days are upon us.

This is not a reference to the time of year, although sunlight is disappearing into the horizon sooner than we like right now. No, it is a reference to the New England Patriots. On the heels of a disastrous loss to the San Francisco 49ers, we are faced with some burning questions.

First, what the heck was that?

Second, where do we go from here?

This is not a good football team right now. It is a one-dimensional team that has to stay in positive game script situations to be effective offensively, but that creates the smallest of margins for error for their entire team. Cam Newton is struggling, the defense was porous at times, and that leads us to a third question: Are they sellers?

One week to save the season. Can it be done?

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