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Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore releases first statement after positive Covid-19 test: ‘Please be sure to take this seriously’

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Star cornerback Stephon Gilmore is the latest member of the New England Patriots organization to get tested positive for the novel Coronavirus: the 30-year-old, who reportedly also was in close contact with the team’s first infected player, quarterback Cam Newton, received his positive test on Tuesday, with the news being reported on Wednesday morning.

Gilmore, however, appears to be in good spirits when judged by a statement published on social media later on Wednesday:

Thank you everyone who has reached out since hearing about my positive Covid-19 test. Your messages aren’t unseen and are greatly appreciated. I’m currently asymptomatic and will take it as it comes. I don’t know what to expect but my spirit is high because of God. I’ve followed every protocol, yet it happened to me. Please be sure to take this seriously.

The Gilly Lock is going to sit down until the medical professionals let me know it’s best to continue normal activity. Your well wishes and prayers mean the world to me and my family.

Gilmore’s positive test is a concerning development considering that he participated in the Patriots’ Week 4 game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, and naturally has had close contact with numerous players on both sides. So far, however, no Chiefs player has tested positive since the game, while Gilmore is only the second Patriot after Cam Newton to be confirmed to have contracted Covid-19.

Per the league’s recently updated Coronavirus protocols, New England’s number one cornerback will be eligible to rejoin his teammates once he produces two negative tests separated by 24 hours. This means that there is still a theoretical albeit small chance that Gilmore could be back on the field for the Patriots’ upcoming game against the Denver Broncos — that is if no other positive tests pop up over the next few days.