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Film room: Looking at the Patriots offense against Baltimore

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Well, they’re back.

In the wake of Sunday night’s victory over the Baltimore Ravens, the 2020 installment of the New England Patriots has newfound relevance. Playoff dreams are creeping back into the minds of fans, and what seemed like a lost season just a few weeks ago suddenly has promise again.

What might also be back is an effective offense. Sure, the elements played a role on Sunday night and limited what both teams could do in the passing game, but the Patriots might have found some designs over the past few weeks to implement, as well as the players to execute them.

In these two videos, we’ll dive into their crack toss play as well as some of the variations that Josh McDaniels has installed building off that scheme, as well as what the Patriots have in the passing game with Cam Newton and an emerging talent at wide receiver in Jakobi Meyers.

First, the crack toss play and new wrinkles:

And now, three plays in the passing game. Yes, the Meyers throw to Rex Burkhead is included:

It has taken some time, but the Patriots might be finding some answers on the offensive side of the football.