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The Scho Show Episode 152: Another game of missed opportunities for the Patriots

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What could have been. What should have been. Was not.

Those words have haunted me for decades, as you’ll see at the start of this show. They haunt me again today, in the wake of the New England Patriots dropping a game to the previously 2-7 Houston Texans on Sunday. Deshaun Watson was masterful.

The Patriots — and their defense — were not.

We’ll talk about that, the missed opportunities, what could have been a drive for the ages from Josh McDaniels and more, in this installment of The Scho Show.

You can listen to the episode here. Also get your questions/thoughts/musings in for Wednesday’s pre-Thanksgiving mailbag installment. You can e-mail them to mark dot schofield at insidethepylon dot com, message them to me on Twitter, or get them in via The Scho Show Slack Channel.

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