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The Scho Show Episode 158: The New England Patriots in Prose

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In 1843 Charles Dickens had two things going on in his life.

The first was debt. Crushing debt in part. His financial troubles were the talk of London society.

But he also had an idea.

An idea of a ghost story, based loosely on “The Story of the Goblins Who Stole a Sexton.” In that tale a grave digger had nothing else to do on Christmas Eve but dig a grave and indulge in a bottle of hard spirits. Bent on reforming the old man, a band of goblins appeared to him to view panoramas of Christmas live being celebrated by those around him. The grave digger converted upon the morning to a sober life.

That idea, of course, was for what would be called A Christmas Carol in Prose.

Longtime listeners to this show know of my affinity for Dickens, and A Christmas Carol. So it is in that spirit that I present The New England Patriots in Prose.

We will discuss the Ghosts of Patriots Past, the Ghosts of Patriots Present and yes, the Ghosts of Patriots Yet to Come.

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