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The Scho Show Episode 155: Looking at the Chargers, starting with Justin Herbert

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Well friends, now it is time to look at the Los Angeles Chargers.

After a quick Carson Wentz detour first. For the brand and all...

But then we get into the Chargers, starting with another young quarterback, Justin Herbert. It gives us a chance to revisit his draft evaluation, highlight how the Chargers have catered to what he does best as a quarterback, and then dive into a particular area of growth: Pocket presence. It was not a strength of his coming out of Oregon, but as the numbers and film illustrate, he has taken a huge leap forward.

In the second half of the show, it’s time for some good news/bad news with maybe some extra bad news. The Chargers run a ton of Cover 3 in the secondary, which is usually good! Most of the big plays they have given up this year in the passing game have come when they’ve run Cover 3. Also usually good! Unfortunately because of where the New England Patriots are as an offense, most of their — limited — success in the passing game has come against different coverages. We explain and try to find a silver lining.

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