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Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore leaves Dolphins game with potentially serious knee injury

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While the New England Patriots are up 6-0 at the half against the Miami Dolphins, the team cannot feel entirely good about its first 30 minutes: the Patriots lost star cornerback Stephon Gilmore to what was later announced to be a knee injury in the second quarter.

As the video above shows, Gilmore went down without contact and stayed on the ground following the play. He had to be helped into the blue medical tent on the sidelines before leaving for the locker room. A short time later, New England announced that he was doubtful to return to the game — a potential sign of the seriousness of the injury.

As Dr. Jessica Flynn pointed out on Twitter, it appeared as if Gilmore’s left hamstring gave in which led to the right knee getting injured. “Unfortunately, cruciate ligament tear is a possibility,” she wrote.

Gilmore is in the middle of another All-Pro-caliber season as the Patriots’ number one cornerback, so naturally his injury is a major blow to the team regardless of how severe it eventually will end up being.